Anza Boreggo and Imperioal Sand Dunes

Left Palm Springs and headed about 1.5 hours south to Anza Boreggo State Park.  The park is a huge, somewhat unregulated, essentially roadless park in the southern California desert that is basically a huge open space to explore with 4x4 vehicles.  My phone busted on the morning we were leaving, so we had no GPS and had to navigate off of memory of the maps of the area.  We couldn't find the canyon we wanted the first day, but we found it on the second day, which forced us to see a bunch of the park we wouldn't otherwise have seen.  After Anza, we headed east intended to camp at the Imperial Sand Dunes, but it was so heinously windy, we just explored for a little bit, then bailed to a wind sheltered campsite closer to Palo Verde.

Split Mountain Road.

Split Mountain Road

Hiking up another wash.

Somewhere in Fish Creek

Fish Creek

North Fish Creek

Anza Borrego camp


Olla Wash.

Olla Wash

Narrow spot in Sandstone Canyon.

Lots of little scrambles up the slot canyon.

Side canyon in Sandstone Canyon

Sandstone Canyon

Dirt runway

Running on the Imperial Sand Dunes

Imperial Sand Dunes.  Yup, we sorta got stuck here momentarily, but low air pressure and a wood board got us out.

Sunset over Chocolate Mountains

Colorado River

Camp on Colorado River with some drunk freak who came up on us when we were having our campfire.  He's lucky he didn't get shot.

New waste tank system.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like your truck is working out well for off road adventures! I really enjoy following your blog and seeing all the amazing places your family has been! What a crazy good life full of good memories for your boy!



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