Deer Mountain Hike

Deer Mountain is a 3.25 mile hike that climbs about 3,000ft.  It's basically a staircase up a really popular trail.  Hiked up it alone this morning, then on the way down, the "cruisers" (cruise ship folks) started showing up.  It's starting to seem pretty easy to pick out locals and non-locals, like the Australian woman did to Niki and I in the library the other day.  She says "are you new to town?".  I get it now, you'd just have to be here to see, but it's obvious.

Anyway, nice hike in the clouds.  No views from the top because of inclement weather.

Pretty typical sunset from our window.

At the overlook on Deer Mountain

Flowers in the alpine

Deer Mountain staircase

View from the summit of Deer Mountain

Can't see #$%!

View from the top of Ketchikan, and where we are living.

Standard morning view.  Some days 10,000 people arrive on about three boats.  Unreal.


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