Blue Lake Hike and Whale In The Distance

Did the hike up Deer Mountain and over to Blue lake, which was absolutely amazing.  Saw a black bear about 300 yards away, which was interesting.  Then we went out to George Inlet to take a look around and pick salmon berries.  Then to the beach on Clover Passage at low tide with the standard campfire, Alex playing with trucks, and Niki spotting the spouting of whales in the distance.

Black bear near Deer Mtn Hut

Lots of these little high alpine ponds with the Pacific below.

Ridgeline trail to Blue Lake and Silvis Lake.

Blue Lake

The Deer Mtn Hut is in an amazing location.

George Inlet

Picking salmon berries.



Travel Map

Travel Map
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Sold the RV after living in it for two years and settled down for a couple years in Ketchikan, Alaska. Small town, lots of rain, good work environment, lots to do and see.............