Juno Mtn Lake Perseverance Loop

Rode the bike 7 miles to Ward Lake, then 2 miles to near Lake Perseverance where I locked it to a tree in the woods.  Then hiked 9 miles up to Ward and Juno Mountains, down to Carlanna Lake, and to our condo.

Just bought a new GPS/Satellite transponder that is ideal for navigating and has the ability for two way texting via satellites, has an SOS function, and live tracking.  Great safety tool for boating, hiking, whatever you might do where there isn't cell service.  Which is pretty much everywhere here.

View from Tongass Hwy looking north beyond Ward Cove.

Trail to Perseverance Lake

Perseverance Lake

Muskeg hiking.  Basically a big, soft, squishy swamp.

Perseverance Lake

The new gizmo, invaluable for finding your way in weather like this.

Clouds parting on the way down to Carlanna Lake.


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