Ketchikan Beach Day

Trying to fine tune our rainy weather gear and approach to life here.  Went out to Settlers Cove for most of the day hanging out in the rain at low tide and watching the tide come in.  The Megamid tent seems like a good thing, as well as beach fires.  The Cove doesn't allow fires on the beach, but they have fire rings.  Most of the other beaches allow fires right on the beach.

Keys to success I think are rubber boots, a full rain suit, and dry clothes to change into in the truck camper at the end of the day........we forgot the waterproof pants today.  One step at a time.

The sun is rising before 5:30am and setting after 10:00pm, and so far, the gloomy weather isn't that bad.  We both think it's because we have more space and a big window with plenty of light coming in, unlike in Washington, when we were living in the RV in the woods, in total darkness essentially.

Megamid floorless tent on the beach and Alex stomping puddles

Scanning for humpbacks

Never thought a mid day fire would feel good in June.........

Crystal clear water

A walk in the rain forest


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