Lost Dutchman Park-Treasure Loop

The first cloudy day since we got here in mid-October.......unreal weather otherwise. 70 almost every day, low 40's at night.  Today almost felt cold, with no sun pounding down, which made for nice hiking temps on a 2.5 mile loop with a side track up to Praying Hands.

A picture from about 2002 when Niki and I climbed a route called "The Hand" in Lost Dutchman Park.  She's below on "Chicken Ledge".  A rather airy place.

Hiking up to the Hand, AKA Praying Hands.

Cholla forest and Browns Peak

Base of Praying Hands

Looking west over Apache Junction

Awesome evolutionary bird nest assuring survival.

Camera tilt for effect.

Praying Hands is the spire on the far left of the photo.

I could live here.

Dead saguaro cactus.


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