Back On The Water

Haven't been out on the water because life got in the way, that, and since the dry spell, the weather has been absolutely aweful with tons of rain and high winds.  Today the barometric pressure bumped up a notch and squashed the wind/rain. Spent 4.5 hours on the water and finally found a solo humpback a little after sunset.  Hung around for ten minutes watching, then cruised home.  Got the kicker motor all sorted out, mounted up, and ready for spring Kings..............I'm ready to start fishing and dropping crab pots.

Best whale watching seat in the house.  Quiet, smooth, high view point.

Heading out George Inlet.

Taking pics of a whale after sunset, with a 300mm cheapish lens is a challenge due to shutter speeds and low light.

Typical Alaska scene.......humpbacks and a host of other wild life in the area.


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