Prince of Wales

Took a short 30 minute flight on a 9 passenger prop plane over to Klawock on Prince of Wales Island, then a short 15 minute drive to Craig to work a couple days orienting in the clinic there.

Craig is a tiny little town with maybe 1000 people, a few restaraunts, a hardware store, a bank, a church, a few bed and breakfasts, a logging mill, and of course, a marina.  That's about it.  I think Craig is the biggest city on Prince of Wales.  If you think Ketchikan feels remote and isolated, Craig feels very remote.  Everyone seems to know everyone, and I'm sure they can spot an outsider from 1/4 mile.  Other than that, it's typical SE Alaska.  Blue collar, rainy, no bull#$!% kind of town.

Flying out of Ketchikan with the Coast Guard below and a view of our old condo at the Harbor Master.

Prince of Wales shoreline.

Archipelago of islands north of Klawock.

Klawock Airport.

"Downtown" Craig, Alaska.

"Camp Bear", not sure if this is a logging camp on a barge, or what it is.  They used to log from floating camps, but I'm not sure if that process is still allowed.

I think this is a defunct cannery.

Craig, Alaska suburbia.

Klawock Lake.

On the road to Hollis, with the Klawock Mtns in the mist.

Craig, Alaska sits on that little peninsula.

Klawock is just up the road.

Klawock Mtns.

Landing in Ketchikan.


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