Family From Palm Springs

If there is a polar opposite to Ketchikan, Palm Springs fits the bill.  Family came up from 95-100 degree temps and one of the driest places in North America to one of the wettest places in North America with temps averaging 50 degrees cooler.  From ritzy California to blue collar Alaska.

A great week with reasonable weather for Ketchikan.  Lots of whale sightings from the boat and from the shore.  Bears, mink, salmon, and jellyfish rounded out the wildlife.  Even some famous crabbing boats.

George Inlet in an expensive, but very nice boat.

Feeling small in the Tongass Narrows.

The beginning of the humpback bubble netting escapades.

A bit warmer in the skippers seat.

The seagulls give away the event, circling overhead moments before the lunge.

This one was CLOSE to the boat.  Motor was either off or in idle, can't remember.  Can't believe we got to witness this.  No boats around except for a kayak and a skiff in the distance.  No wind. Just light rain.  Niki could hear them squealing from underwater before they surface.  Apparently they do that to startle the school of fish they are "bubble netting".

Front row seats.

Beach combing on a warm day.

You don't need a boat to see whales here.

Birds on shore, whales off shore.

Preparing to dive.

Humpback pectoral fin.  This whale was solo bubble feeding, something we weren't aware they did.  

Rotary Beach

Mtn Point, waiting for the whale we saw at Rotary Beach to arrive.

There it is, dwarfing the skiff.

See the circular ring of bubbles?

Circular bubbles preceding the gaping mouth of the whale.  It did this multiple times, and standing on top of the rocks at the marina gave a good vantage point to see it from above.  Nearby where about 5 scuba divers, getting a show, I'm sure.

Cap off the day with two bear sightings at Herring Cove.

Billions of salmon heading upstream.

Looking for bears.

Bigger one came down to feed.
Our rental boat.

Sunrise at Mtn Point

Totem Bight Park

Clan House

Saying goodbye. 

Off they go!  Thanks for visiting.


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