Whales From The Window

Niki spotted a whale from the window yesterday, just outside of the wave break at Bar Harbor.  She ran down and watched it swim by from the loading dock, and the lucky ones on the passing Duck Tour got a good show too.

11" of rain for August per NOAA.  A little above average.  Didn't seem that bad, and my fear of the weather is dissipating.  Yeah, it rains a LOT, but perhaps the natural beauty of the place makes up for it.

Cropped photos, weak lens.........

Random photo from one of our days just north of Knudson Cove when we saw whales from shore.

Slug attacking worm.

Light show over Metlakatla/Annette Island

Light show from the window.

Rainbow over Annette Island.

Lurking in the mist.

Humpback back, center of photo.  Duck tour following.

Humpback fluke, center of photo, whale diving.


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