Fish on, fish off.

July brought good fishing for pinks, which many of the locals turn their noses up at.  We like them.  They have a good mild flavor, and as long as they are "dime bright", they are quite tasty smoked, baked, or whatever.  The pink season has since come and gone, now we are waiting for the coho to come in.

Taking a tour of a Canadian coast guard ship that was in town.

The summer has seemed really mild in terms of rain.

Fill the freezer.

The bears were back again.

Still making fires on beaches and islands.

The crabbing boats are in town working as tenders.  Hauling fish from the seiners to the fish processing plants.

Busy chain of seiners heading out.

Weird run of smolt pinks.  Caught a bunch of these, and of course, released them all.


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