Went to the Tetons for a week with my brother and his kids.  He originally wanted to climb Rainier, but I wasn't that psyched to guide them up that mountain, even though I've climbed it a few times.  So we opted for the Tetons.  Better weather, less logistics, lower commitment.

We warmed up on a scramble route on Symmetry Spire, then took a day off and went for a long slog up Middle Teton to get a little more acclimated, then took two days off and climbed the Grand via the OS route.  Fun week, and it was even more fun watching the kids progress in the mountains and moving swiftly by the end of the week.

Pics are out of order.  Too lazy to organize them.

2am start for the Grand

Meadows heading up Middle

East Ridge Symmetry

It was REALLY HOT in the Tetons, and this water was REALLY COLD

Cinnamon black bear

Middle Teton in background

Summit of Middle with Grand in background

Heading up Grand from Lower Saddle

Jenny Lake

Grand early AM

Symmetry summit

Rapping off Symmetry

Spent a ton of time in Jenny Lake cooling off.


Jenny Lake with Symmetry in background

Yeti jumps

Heading up Symmetry

Grand morning


Rapping off Symmetry

Rapping off Grand

Heading up Middle

Happy lady with flag on Middle


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