RV life and toddlers

We've had the jones to buy a bigger RV because bigger is better, right?  Well, living with a toddler in an RV brings another set of issues, here are the conclusions we've come to.

Alex needs a bunk room, he's got that now.  His bunk room is perfect for his age.  He doesn't need anything bigger, because he only sleeps in there.  We only have one kid, so the size of his room is perfect.

A slide in the bedroom would be nice so we could get out of bed easier in the middle of the night, but again, a small inconvenience isn't worth going into debt to fix.

We have an automatic transmission that has been upgraded, but a heavier camper with more slides would put more strain on the tranny, something I don't want to have to replace at $4,000+ for a good aftermarket tranny.

Our trailer weighs 10,000lbs loaded (Cat scales), which is within the towing capacity of our auto tranny.  Any heavier and were above the limit.  Yeah, people pull 13,000+lbs all day long with the same set up, but again, transmissions are expensive.

We're ripping out our couch and dinette because its uncomfortable, and replacing it with a wrap around, full couch that will run the length of the slide out.  Shopping for a suitable couch now.

No fifth wheel has good counter space, unless you buy a monster with a kitchen island.  It's annoying, but not that big of a deal.

RV refrigerators are small, which makes having a lot of fresh veggies on hand a bit harder.  We eat a lot of non-refrigerated fresh foods like squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, apples, bananas, etc. plenty of space for that stuff on the shelves.

The PNW in fall/winter requires a big dehumidifier running non-stop.  Without it, you will grow mold on your window screens from the condensation.  Wiping this moisture off your windows every morning when the temps stay cool seems mandatory.

Heat with electric units and cook with electricity to avoid the moisture content of propane combustion when condensation is an issue.


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