Blue sky harbor

Drizzly weather this morning during a good road ride.  Then the clouds quickly cleared and it was bluebird all day.  Wow, it's pretty amazing here when that happens.

After talking with a few other non-locals, it sounds like Niki and I are not alone with our feelings of claustrophobia here.  That's attributed to the towering trees and thick, dark forests, combined with the perpetual overcast skies.  It's a hard adjustment for us desert rats.  We are trying to embrace it, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I've had a few near "panic" attacks.  It's seriously that crazy for us.  Perhaps living in 240 square feet amplifies it, as I've never felt this way before while living in an RV for months at a time.  Funny though, because Alex could care less.  Kids are way tougher and are much more adapt to adversity.  How do we become so lame and rigid as adults with all these needs for superficial crap, etc?

Decided to splurge this evening and eat out, which is a rarity for us cheap skates with specific financial goals.  Now it's back to work tomorrow night.........


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