Finally made it up to Cuyuna to ride super fun and scenic trails.  Rode for a couple hours along twisty, well designed trails with fun burms, beautiful lakes, and nice trees.  Weird to spend two hours riding but never really going uphill for more than a few minutes at a time.  Takes some getting used to, sort of like doing intervals.....up down up down.  Not like Utah, all up, then all down.

Tomorrow is a big day, deciding to either stay here for three months, or drive to Tacoma for three months.  Whoever gets me a contract first makes the decision.  Working per diem here is not the ideal scenario and completely unpredictable.  Either way, I'd love to spend the fall here exploring Duluth, Copper Harbor, and more time at Cuyuna.


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Now living in Juneau, Alaska. Trying to absorb as much of this state as we can, before our time here ends.