Home, finally.

After three weeks of house sitting 3,000 plus square feet, two dogs, two cats, a pool, a hot tub, and a 1.5 acre lot, it's nice to be back to 400 square feet, three slide outs, 20 acres, no lawn care, and sunsets on the Pomme De Terre.
Mtn biking downtown St. Cloud
No wide bars
Neurotic trail builders were apparently taking to much of the local stimulant, khat from the increasing Somoli population.
Mogadishu arrives in central Minnesota
Last night house sitting.
Washing the truck
Never ending chores of a huge house?
Almost finished repairing the right fender that was damaged from a flat when the previous owner had a blow out.
Taking the million screws out to remove the fender/trim.
Aluminum frame.  I'd assumed it was welded, but nope, cheap "L" hanger and bolts, minimal insulation, and why RV's suck in cold weather.
RV park junkshow.


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Now living in Juneau, Alaska. Trying to absorb as much of this state as we can, before our time here ends.