Bloody Mess

Woke up this morning and started packing for our trip to Duluth.  Walked under the front of the fifth wheel and stood up, forgetting that we now have a slide out in our bedroom (new fifth wheel), and BAM!  I'm on my back, on the ground, with blood oozing down my forehead.  What the #$%!  I nailed the slide out with my forehead and made a nice laceration across it.  Yippee for me, the RV clutz.

Finished packing and drove four hours to Duluth.  Our first trip out of Morris in the RV since our arrival in May.  We usually just do day trips on our 13 week assignments, but we finally got 'unlazy' and decided to go somewhere for a change.

Disgusted face looking at my laceration

Duluth Waterfront Trail with the St. Louis River behind.

Waterfront Trail 


  1. If you are in Duluth for a few more days we would love to have you over for a meal. email me at or use the form at Wednesday supper would work well for us if your around.



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