Settling in, finally.

We have been here three weeks and we are finally settling in and enjoying the new fifth wheel and local area.
Flat on the way home, so lessons learned last year, four new tires purchased.  The damage was already done, and a new fender is on the way.
Turtle highway
View out the back window, and a huge factor in why we love this trailer.
Haven't driven the truck for almost a week.  No need to.  We can ride our bikes to the grocery store, and work.
Yesterday's gravel ride.
Country cemetery.
More beautiful, quiet country riding.
That's about all we can fit in the bike trailer.
The daily routine.  Ride two loops, with one of them to the caramel candies.
Baby snapping turtle
A local kid caught the turtle and this frog.  Alex is getting "home schooled".
More morning gravel riding, endless in every direction.
Hay or alfalfa trucks, not sure which.
Alex loves his new couch.


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Now living in Juneau, Alaska. Trying to absorb as much of this state as we can, before our time here ends.