Connectify Wifi Repeater

We have our laptop hooked up to an Alpha wireless USB adapter and a high gain, omni directional antenna to strengthen the wifi connection at RV parks, and currently to hit public wifi across a lake in a city park we are in.  The limitation is no repeater in the RV to send it out to the iPad and iPhones.  Today I found a program called Connectify that turns our PC into a wifi repeater, and it works really well.  I installed it for $12 for a lifetime license.  You can set it up with a security password, and rename your network.  So it's nice to have wifi in the camper, and it will be really nice to use this high gain antenna in typical RV parks that have weak signals.  Up next is a 24dbi high gain parabolic antenna that will pick up 2.4ghz signals from miles away, given line of site.

And another time lapse from last night. Click the "Youtube" icon to open it in Youtube, then click on the resolution tab in the lower right and change it to 1080p for full resolution.


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