Sheep's Bridge

Four day trip to the remote Sheep's Bridge area on the beautiful Verde River.  Once you leave pavement, it takes about four hours over 30+ miles to get to the campsite.  Lots quicker if you're not hauling a rolli-polli slow truck camper, but who's in a hurry?

Heading in from Cave Creek

Multiple creek crossings in the last 12 miles

Slow going, about 5mph max for the last 12 miles

Mazatzal Peak in the background

Sheep's Bridge

Mazatzal Peak

Heading down to the hotspring we bathed in the next day

This cactus looks like it's trying to climb the cliff

Camp for two nights

Sunrise view with river right nearby.

Self portrait timer on morning run

"Saguaro Forest"

Javelina tracks

Little cactus with unique seed dispersal

Little hooks with seeds

Dead saguauro

Intimate look at water channels for saguaro

Absolutely no photoshop

Heading out

Road essentially goes over the mountain there.

One of my favorite spots in the high desert

Climb about 4,000+ feet out of the Verde River valley

Long rough road out Bloody Basin to I-17

Campsite at Bumble Bee

One of the better sites.


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