Apache Trail Day 2 and 3

Day two started out nice and sunny, chilly, and windy.  Onward north via the Apache Trail.

Side trip to the SRP dam

Too bad the road is closed to the public, as this road winds down a very precipitous canyon down to the Salt River

Hiking near Fish Creek Canyon

The road can be seen below

The gravel road drops down there in about 1-2 miles of steep single lane dirt road.  Amazing place.

There's the road!  Spectacular!  We did this over a decade ago in our Class C motorhome.

Heading down.


Fish Creek Bridge

North end of Apache Lake

Roosevelt Lake

View out the back door of our campsite.

Mandatory evening ride.

Browns Peak

He likes campfires now.

Coffee morning shot

Returning home in our RV, to our other RV.


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