Pinnacle Peak

Finished a long first week of work.  The first week of these travel contracts always kinda suck.  They are typically five days a week of hoop jumping, corporate rah rah, and lots of driving.  This week was surprisingly brief on the corporate rah rah, and I actually had my two clinical orientation days (even though I only oriented for about 4 hours).  The hospital is a big, busy trauma center, but is brand new, and well staffed.  Should be a good remaining twelve weeks.

Went out to the popular Pinnacle Peak hike today in the upscale Scottsdale with Mercedes, Porsches, and other fancy cars abound.  People in AZ like their shiny, expensive cars.  The trail is mellow, and perfect for Alex to hike by himself.  He did about 2.5 miles total, his longest yet, and actually moved at a descent pace.  It was nice to not have to carry him.

Running ahead.

Chocolate chip cookie break.

Cholla cactus
Pics don't do it justice moonrise over the Four Peaks.

Saguaro cactus in front of Pinnacle Peak.


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