Rough First Week

It was going too good.  The hospital is nice, the campground is working out well, family is nearby, the transition to Minnesota was perhaps just too easy.  Alex was sick during the commute with an upper respiratory virus that he seemed to recover from, then he declined over the last five days.  Not eating, laying around on his stomach.  Long story short, spent 36 hours in the hospital getting a bit of glucose and rehydration.  We're back home now, and I can't wait for him to wake up so we can see if he's turned the corner.  My hunch as a health care worker is that he has, but as a worried parent..........well, we worry.

Some pics of the campground.  A very quiet place with daily duck, geese, and pelican sightings intermixed with the occasional nocturnal beaver swimming, or turtle cruising by.  Now that Memorial Day has passed, we essentially have the place to ourselves again.


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