Kennebec, South Dakota

210 meager miles into a stiff headwind, with all of us sick with a cold.  Enough of that, stopped early in Kennebec, basically a one horse town in central/southern SD.  We've left the mountains and the foothills until September 7th, and now it's time to get used to no horizons other than water towers.
Dinner last night at Legion Lake Lodge, a place we used to eat dinner with family about five years ago.

Need a caption?

Pull in, set up camper, run outside to playground, ride bike, play in dirt, eat dinner, wash, rinse, repeat.  That's been the last seven days.
Good thing we have the Terry EXTREME EDITION, Bro!

Trees are just starting to bloom.  Weird, as they bloomed quite a while ago in Southern California.  Driving into another climate over a week is always interesting.

Mural at the campsite.  Fitting.


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