Starting the month off with......

Truth hanging in the laundry room.  Might be time to put away the bikes and start running, too cold and wet too ride, or I'm just a wimp.  Probably both.

September had 5"'of rain, mostly in the last two weeks, since we've been here.  The October average is 3", with November the wettest at 6+".  If we only get 3" in October, that will be nice.  November?  Whatever......not expecting much out of that month anyway.  No matter where you live (with the exception of the Sonoran Desert), November is usually a tough month with marginal skiing and cold riding.


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Sold the RV after living in it for two years and settled down for a couple years in Ketchikan, Alaska. Small town, lots of rain, good work environment, lots to do and see.............