BCT-Governor Springs to Hwy 69

Rode about 18 miles of singletrack north from Governor Springs, steadily climbing about 2,500ft to Hwy 69.  The trail continues to Mayer from here, but is apparently overgrown with Cat Claw.

Gentle climbing on a somewhat faint desert trail.

The mountains in the distance are essentially just above Black Canyon City.
Buff single track on pulverized golden granite.

Lone Sugauro cactus living higher than most.

The trail builders did amazing work.

Trail winding off into the oblivion.

Up on the plateau.

Lots of this.  I ride into one, and thankfully the tubeless system worked despite many punctures.

Big ring (2x10) cranking.

Rode to the tunnel under Hwy 69, then rode an awesome 20mph tailwind back to the truck on mostly downhill, super buff dirt roads.  Now I just have the southern section from Table Mesa to New River to finish.

The town of Cordes.

These things fit right in.


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