RV Park Wisdom

Unlike many families who travel and live full time in an RV, we depend on finding a decent site and are sort of committed to it for three months at a time because my work contracts last that long.  Other families can roll into, and out of campgrounds in a day, week, or month, not us.  And that brings us to today's lesson.........

In short, I don't recommend making a long term reservation at ANY campground unless you have to reserve a site in a busy area, or if you've been there before.  Best to show up a few days early and look around, as we learned today.

We pulled into a sight unseen campground that we reserved for the month, paid our rent, and proceeded to drive into a horrendous dump of a campground.  I didn't even turn the truck off and immediately drove back to the office for a refund.  They were reluctant to do so, but with politeness, it seems we might get our $450 back.  Apparently they can't refund our card and they will "expedite a check".  Because the place seemed sketchy, I turned my iPhone video on and recorded the conversation, because I simply don't trust many people these days.  

You get what you pay for, and we drove four miles down the road to another slightly more expensive campground that seems to be fine for a three month stay.  Now hopefully the upcoming job in the ER won't suck, but I'm kinda skeptical.  California ER work doesn't have the best reputation.


  1. Hi!

    Just found your blog and "got to know you all" in the last 1/2 hr. I admire your decision to take advantage of this time before your son starts school, and to get yourselves financially secure. Great story and live your posts! Best of luck to you and I'll keep your blog on my radar!

    Susan Buchanan (retired ICU RN, and Project Manager in clinical research)
    San Antonio, TX



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