Finnerty Family

An hour after the Weiss family departed, the Finnerty family arrived.  We went to the same two beaches, had fires, enjoyed mostly good weather, and saw whales again.

Fishing, not catching.

Great sunset while "fishing".

Heading out to go catch crab.

Five keepers.

A lot of first time crab eaters at the table.  

Christopher loved the crab.  Was fun to see.

Herring cove bear.

Gillnetters dropping fish of with the tender, who then hauls in the fish to be processed.

"Pilot boat" that brings sea pilots out to incoming cruise ships, who then guide them into port.  Then, two tugs assisting a giant barge.

Small boat, big ocean, Nichols Passage.

First things first, take your pants off.

Ahhh, that's better.

Tail slapping orca.

Spy hopping orca.


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